One Community – One Platform

A smart city is about more than technology. A truly smart community cares about its people, about civic engagement. CityFront is smart city technology that combines a mobile app with an array of AI tools within its integration platform to connect everyone within your community. Your community is always our focus. Smart city technology is the tool to bring everyone together.

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The only app your community will ever need

Integrations that connect your systems

Our smart city mobile app includes several standard modules to help your community improve citizen engagement efficiently, lowering costs while improving citizen satisfaction. The CityFront mobile app allows citizens to engage with local government to easily create 311 service requests which are automatically routed to the appropriate department, or to use the intelligent “Ask the city” module with natural language processing to find answers to FAQs, quickly. The app integrates with your city’s website CM to provide a citizen with easy access to your community’s news and events, and integrates  with Local Yelp® restaurants and business listings, allowing the citizen access to a full range of community and government information from a single, unified mobile app. Other modules such as smart parking, smart permitting, augmented reality, and text and voice language interpretation can be built into the app based on the needs of your community.

Our smart city mobile app is an integration and configuration engine that can work the way your community works and be built to suit your needs. As an added bonus, we license our platform as a service and can train your team to extend your community app to further tailor it fit your community.

Smart 311

Image recognition for truly intelligent community service requests

Integrate into existing work order systems

Automate 311 processing. Take a picture of a pothole and we know its a pothole, therefore we know what system to report it to. We can even create the work order.

Ask the city

Ask the city anything and our NLP engine will bring back the answer

Natural Language Processing

Who’s the mayor? – When’s trash pickup? – What are the library hours? – All answered without having to dig through your website

220+ Languages

Your staff will have access to thousands of interpreters with a tap of their finger

Professional video or voice interpreters in a matter of seconds

Tap on the screen and your staff will be seeing, and speaking with an interpreter within seconds on any device. We even have sign language experts standing by. Learn more

Esri Maps

Access to all your GIS data can be fully integrated into our platform

Fully integrated GIS mapping

As an Esri Parter, we can customize your GIS data to provide unlimited user experiences through our platform

Smart Parking

Intelligent video analytics reveals where parking is available in your community

Know where parking is available

Guide users to the nearest parking spot, garage or lot with AI and Esri maps integrations. Learn more

Augmented Reality

See underground service lines or your new library before you break ground

Subsurface infrastructure revealed

With integrated AR, your staff can locate subsurface service lines and showcase new buildings or parks before you break ground. Learn more

Smart FOIA

Minimize staff time running down simple and repetitive requests

Enable real-time processing for simple FOIA requests

Free up staff time and let us mine your database of permits, inspections, and other common open records queries

Smart Permits

Intelligent permitting for your residents with Esri integrated permitting

Residential permitting with ease and fully integrated

Simplify the residential and light commercial permitting and approvals with quick and easy integrations

Smart Notifications

Notifications that are relevant, timely and integrated

Notify your community the way they expect

With Esri and other 311 integrations, we can build a customized notifications hub for your community

We make your life easier

Artificial Intelligence Simplified

Artificial intelligence (AI) is leveraged throughout our mobile app platform to empower your community to submit 311 service requests, ask questions and get relevant answers, receive alerts based on their location, get invited to events based on previous behavior, and in many other ways. It is always running and always learning based on the way your users engage with the system, making it the smart city choice for civic engagement.

  • Image recognition that is specific to cities and which continually learns

  • Natural language processing (NLP) that is the Siri® or Alexa® for your cities digital data
  • Video analytics processed on the edge for real-time data and reduces costs

  • Intelligent notifications based on Esri GIS data, as well as user preferences

Future of Interoperability

Interoperability will be the key to unlock what a smarter city will look like in the next decade. With hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sensors, data collection devices, legacy systems, newly acquired technologies, and everything in between, your community will need a smart city platform that can integrate these systems and data, and enable them to work together to improve citizen engagement.

Smart city technology is evolving quickly, and you need a platform that can handle these systems to engage your community. We have that platform and can prepare you for the future of interoperability!

With interoperability comes:

  • Unified Bill Payment using a single platform across all systems

  • Smart Parking to identify open parking spots closest to your desired destination

  • Smart Permitting leveraging robotic process automation to complete residential permit applications

  • Smart water metering for insights into usage and user notifications

  • Integrated 311 work orders

  • Website data integrations

  • Share data with departmental silos

  • Streamline workflows with robotics process automation (RPA)

  • Anything else you can dream up!

Our View

From a technology standpoint, the typical view from our communities looks like a maze of systems where some systems interface with each other and others don’t. Apps seem to be single use solutions provided as an afterthought by the legacy technology vendor, and there are either too many apps for citizens to download or the lack of an app for a specific need.  

CityFront’s view is quite different. We believe your community needs one view of the city through a single, unified, smart city mobile app. The CityFront Experience is that app. Our platform interfaces with legacy city systems providing a unified view of your community. Our platform enables you to move into this unified view at your pace, whether onboarding new smarter city systems or are ready to interface with an existing one.

We understand how your community’s technology was built and inherited over time. We also understand it may take some time to get to a unified view, and we want to be your long-term partner. We are the technology partner that makes you and your community smarter, improves citizen engagement and automates processes to reduce the cost of service delivery in local government. 

Typical View

a graphic that shows multiple city systems that are not connected

Our View

a graphic that shows multiple city systems connected to each other

  Do you want to better connect with your community?

Our Partners

Partnerships are the key to our success

We are very proud to partner with outstanding technology companies. All are leaders in their space that power our innovative offerings and the integrations that we continue to build. If you are interested in joining this band of technological genius, please contact us today to start the journey.

Who Are We?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at CityFront is simple yet powerful. We believe there should be a simpler way to engage with your community using the latest devices and technology available, and it should just work. We believe there should be one user experience regardless of how we engage with our community. One app – One interface that is fully integrated into every system we access to do business with the community. One place to pay our bills, report a pothole, find a local business, ask questions, get information, see notifications, get a permit, reserve the park pavilion, and countless other areas of interactions.

Lastly, we believe in transparency and inclusivity. At CityFront, we realize that connecting people in the community builds stronger communities, and stronger communities improves the quality of life for everyone.

Come join our journey and start connecting with your community in the ways they want to connect with you!

Contact Us

Contact us to learn how to improve civic engagement and automate city services to reduce costs with the CityFront mobile app and integration platform.

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