At CityFront, we use smart city technology to help connect communities, including smart 311. In cities across the U.S. there is a sense of civic pride that drives citizens to work together to make their neighborhoods better. Working together means also working with local government to address issues that negatively impact the community – potholes that need to be filled, graffiti that needs to be removed, sidewalks that need to be repaired.

But for that concerned citizen, working with local government can be a daunting task. Who to call? How to find the right contact number? What department to search on the city’s website?

In an effort to efficiently receive, route and fulfill these requests, many cities have implemented a 311-system via telephone or an online system. But those solutions only solve part of the problem – they still require a city official to view, decision and route requests or create a work order.

There is a better way.

cityfront mobile app home screen
cityfront mobile app 311 reporting screens

The CityFront Experience is a mobile app that uses AI technology to automate 311 reporting, integrating directly with the city’s legacy CMS system. Concerned citizens simply snap a photo of an issue while in the CityFront app, and the AI-image recognition platform automatically detects the issue, creates the work order, and routes to the appropriate department.

The CityFront Experience can help your city achieve real time and cost savings, reducing staff time spent fielding phone calls and email inquiries, viewing submitted requests for proper routing, and filling out paper or electronic forms or work orders.

Importantly, data collected as part of the Smart 311 platform can also be used to automate management reporting, and to detect patterns or trends to allow for better decisioning and resource allocation, further saving city staff time and money.

Contact us to learn how the CityFront Experience Smart 311 platform can save your city time and money.