Smart Parking

Smart cities are no longer something to be imagined in a far-off future. As urban centers grow, citizens increasingly expect smart city digital applications that improve quality of life and make it easier to participate in community life. Communities are investing in urban mobility, including smart parking, to connect businesses with citizens and increase citizen satisfaction.

Reducing the friction of parking downtown is an important part of this investment. Imagine everyone in your community tapping on an app on their phone, providing destination information, to immediately locate available parking. CityFront’s leading technology combines powerful edge computing and artificially intelligent video analytics to create a way for your community to see, in real-time, where parking is available –  around your community square, ancillary parking lots, or in a parking garage. It’s smart city technology that improves community engagement.

smart parking app displaying on mobile phone

Available as part of the CityFront Experience or as a stand-alone app, this smart parking module is completely secure, scalable and more affordable than other implementations available on the market. CityFront can customize the module to fit your community’s needs, including customized branding. The module can use existing video feeds, or we can build new video infrastructure to implement smart parking while providing new video data such as foot and street traffic, demographics, and security risks. These data can be analyzed to help guide urban planning efforts in your community, improving efficiency for both the citizen and the use of community space.

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